Bird Brained Zine Anthology #2

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Second issue of Bird Brained Zine Anthology! 5.5" x 7.87".

Bird Brained Zine Anthology is an inter-dimensional alternative literary-art anthology full of the odd, lowbrow, surreal, and unconventional. It’s filled with comix, poetry, photographs of your mom, and all that good shxt. It’s hell on Earth!

Issue #2 was designed and edited Karlo Antunes and it's packed with DOUBLE the amount of LOWBROW, UNCONVENTIONAL, and OFF-BEAT comix, paintings, sculptures, music, writing, and more than Bird Brained Zine Anthology #1! Check out these talented, underground creators! (In alphabetical order. A couple may change).

Bird Brained Zine Anthology SQUARED:

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